[ONLINE] Author Talk: Isabella Stewart "Tangled Vines, Island Crimes: Martha’s Vineyard Off-Season

Tuesday, June 157:00—8:00 PMZoom

First-time novelist Isabella Stewart will discuss her book, Tangled Vines, Island Crimes: Martha’s Vineyard Off-Season. Described by the author as the antithesis of a “beach read,” the book takes place when the summer tourists have packed up and gone, and “the wild vines take hold of vacant summer properties and weaken their foundations, climb and strangle trees, and weave a cloth of deception that is stronger than twine.” Join us to meet the author and hear about a book that turns the “Vineyard novel” on its head.

The Zoom link for this program will open half an hour before the program's start time, so come in a little early, set up your devices, get comfortable, and turn your mic and video off until you are invited to turn them on again. This program will not be recorded.

Capacity: 75 of 95 spaces available.

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